What you need to know for your air conditioner installation in Elgin, Illinois.

Types of air conditioners: Which one to choose?

Because there are different types of air conditioners, today you can find one that is ideal for any space you are interested in keeping at the temperature you want.
Technological advances have allowed today we have portable air conditioners easy to use, others that are powered by solar energy, as well as the popular fan coil, among other types.

But the undisputed leader in the family of ventilation systems is the split, the rectangular-shaped indoor unit that we see placed in office walls and in more and more homes in Elgin, Illinois. Its name refers precisely to the fact that it is a device with two separate units (split means separate in English), one of which goes inside the house and the other outside. Thanks to this, the device extracts air from the outside to optimize the environment inside the room. 

Due to the ease with which the installation of air conditioners in Elgin, Illinois of this type is carried out and the effectiveness it delivers in regulating the temperature of a room, it has become a favorite among people. If you do not know which one to choose, take into account the square footage of the space you want to condition and whether or not it is feasible to modify a wall if necessary.

When you get the result of the previous operation, look for the capacity of the air conditioner that best fits that number, according to the following list of thermal units that usually have these devices:
For example, if you have a room of 3 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2 meters high, we have that 3 x 3 x 2 = 18. This result, when divided by two, gives us 9 that when multiplied with 1000 gives us 9000. Therefore, an ideal air conditioner for this start should consider 9,000 BTU as a minimum. It is also worth bearing in mind that an ideal air conditioner should have a thermostat, an automatic shutdown system, adjustable diffuser grilles and even WiFi connection if you are already thinking of turning your home into a Smart Home. If you have questions about this call the specialists at Total HVAC Repair INC we are Elgin, Illinois air conditioning installation and repair experts.

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