How to use your air conditioner properly

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as part of our commitment to our customers in Elgin, Illinois shares with you these valuable tips for the proper handling of your air conditioner.

Do not let hot air in

It is super important that during the day or the hottest hours close the windows and lower the blinds in your home, this key is essential for the proper use of air conditioning. Open the doors and windows of your home when the outside temperature is cool, usually very early in the morning or late at night, so that your home will remain cool for a long period of time.

Extend the life of your air conditioner

Keep in mind that maintenance of the same, will prevent the occurrence of possible breakdowns or failures. In this way, we ensure that the equipment works properly, improve its performance and prevent the occurrence of possible breakdowns.

You yourself can keep the appliance clean and in good condition for its proper operation. The first thing you should do is clean the filters well to remove all the dust or fibers that may have stuck and you get to use the air conditioner well and save a little money because it will be working efficiently.

Adjust the temperature of your appliance

You must be responsible and keep in mind that your house can not be with a feeling of “refrigerator”, the only thing you will get is to spend a huge amount of light and surely you will get sick by sudden changes in temperature. It is key that no matter how hot it is outside we place our air conditioner at an average temperature.

What you can do is to calculate a few degrees below the temperature that feels outside your home to get a feeling of freshness in your home. Another important fact so that you can use the air conditioner well, is to set the ECO mode because you can program the on and off of the appliance to work in the best way.

Total HVAC Repair In

Now that you know how to use air conditioning well, put it into practice and also note that the experts in air conditioning installation Total HVAC Repair Inc are willing to help you, just call (847) 766-9459 and we will gladly assist you.

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